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Turbo-rumble challenge | Theme 9 // Voting

Good luck to all participants and thanks so much to everyone who vote!

+ You don't have to be a participant of the challenge or even a member of the community to vote. However, participants can receive an additional 1 point for their score if they voted.
+ If you are participant, don't vote for yourself and don't tell your friends to vote for you. Please, don't reveal which icon is yours until the voting for this theme will be over.

+ Please, copy the form that can be found below in a comment, it should include:
- numbers of your TOP 3 ICONS - reasons of your choice ("constructive criticism", focusing on the technical aspects and quality of the icons) MUST be written
- number of the icon you find the MOST CREATIVE
- CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM for any 2 icons from the voting table (other than your three favourite ones)

+ You are free to leave feedback for more icons than required if you like to (it is completely optional) and give more support to our wonderful makers. These additional lines can also contain useful constructive criticism or encouraging praise. Simply add the following text to your comment and copy this form as many times as needed.

+ All comments will be delivered through private messages straight to the makers of the icons and visible to no one else.

+ Guides to constructive criticism can be helpful. Yet the most important - look at each work kindly and don't write anything you would be sad to read yourself. :)

+ Results will be posted when we get enough votes.

interpretive theme

Theme 9 - HARMONY

Tags: special challenge, special challenge: turbo-rumble, voting
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