Vader's girl, Tatiana (sith_romantic) wrote in anakin_icontest,
Vader's girl, Tatiana

Challenge 110 // Sign-ups


Icon battle is an activity when makers create original icons, having the same pictures to work with.
This challenge was inspired by Game of Thrones icon battle, you can also see examples in community icon_battle.

To participate, reply to this post with 5 Anakin Skywalker/Lord Vader images you would love to icon.

01. girlofavalon (images submitted)
02. ladyhadhafang (images submitted)
03. laury_kos (images submitted)
04. rabidfangurl (images submitted)
05. shadowshamrock
06. shieldmaidenjen (images submitted)
07. vexena_sky (images submitted)

+ You can sign up until next Monday, January 30th.
All images will be collected in one post for the participants to icon and the deadline will be determined depending of the number of pictures.

Have fun!

Tags: challenge, challenge 110
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oooh, fun! :D

I'll be back with pictures soon. :)))
Adding you to the list of participants and waiting for the pictures. ;)
Bit of a quick question: how does this work? Do I just put the URL between the bold tags and then post the images in the comments or something similar? #Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question; I'm a bit confused, I'll admit.
I think it's just the url :O
Yes, you simply leave the comment containing links to the 5 images. :)
so this post is just to url of the images we would like to see iconed, but not to sign up
but then, wouldn't be lots of images?? :O , at the icon battle how many icons do we have to make??
It's both to leave the images and pre-sign-up.
I thought to determine it regarding how many people would like to participate and number of images it will result in. I don't think it will be a lot of them, however.
oh oks!, thanks~~
then in that case,I'll look for images :)
Awesome! Adding you to the list of participants.
Gorgeous images! Adding you. :D

Awesome! Adding you to the list of participants and waiting for the images.
These are gorgeous! :D I love those. :)
Ah, I love the fourth one! He is so beautiful!
Lovely! :D

Although I will admit the second one is really sad. :(
I'm so happy you joined! :)))
I love Anakin and Rex and Purge is one of my most favourite comics ever.
It's been more than a month. When is the challenge going to happen?